The Impact A Home Cleaning Service Has On Your Health

Do You Know The Impact A Home Cleaning Service Has On Your Health?

When you come home, and your home is in disarray it wears on you. The stress of a cluttered home can be an overwhelming experience.

This is just one factor of what a messy home can do to your mental health, as some studies have shown, just having your bed made can lead to an increase in productivity by 19%.

Imagine the relief you will enjoy by having your whole home cleaned from top to bottom.

M.A.D. Cleaning Services wants to give you an experience that is the opposite of what a cluttered home does and not only increase your productivity, but your improve your overall physical and mental health, offering you stress relief, and giving you an all-around enjoyable experience for your mind, body, and soul.


We know you have enough going on in your life, so sit back and relax while we do it for you the simple, affordable way.


An Unorganized Home Can Lead To Anxiety For Some

You know the feeling when you lost your keys and are running late for work, or looking for your kids' school supplies, shoes, and homework?

At M.A.D. Cleaning we know these feelings very well, as we have a 6-year-old son and we have faced these same situations. Coming home to a messy table or counters looking for a place to drop your things can always be a hassle. Making dinner for your family to enjoy together but no room on the dining table is enough to drive anyone crazy

M.A.D. Cleaning can help take this stress off your plate by utilizing our organization knowledge to get your home into shape.

Worried about how you will keep it up with work, kids, gym, partner, and simply life taking the time you need? Do not worry about this either we offer recurring services to help keep your home organized.

Let the best home cleaning service in Central Florida make sure you never have to struggle with this again.

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A Neat and Tidy Home Has Some Major Health Advantages

When we enter a home, we know where to look when it comes to dust that may cause harm to you and your family.

We address these health hazards because dust is not just “dust”, it’s an accumulation of dead skin cells and dust mites, as well as their excrement.

That can be a disgusting thing to think about when all your most precious belongings covered in dust mite "doo doo". Can you say yuck?

When this is breathed in it can cause bronchial inflammation and asthma a lot of studies show this can cause worsening allergies and even hay fever. This can affect children and adults alike.

These pesky mites typically live in your bed linens but can also be transported through your ventilation all over your home. Sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes, sore throat can all be common symptoms for people exposed to these allergens.

We can take this stress off your shoulders with our recurring services, becasuse we hit these pesky mites at all the sources such as ceiling fans, A/C returns, all your furnishings, and we replace bed linens when they are provided so you can enjoy slipping into your sheets at night knowing you won’t be joined by millions of mites.

Knowing Where Mold and Mildew Hide

When it comes to mold and mildew, we have become experts on where it likes to hide, grow, and survive. We clean your bathrooms and kitchens with due diligence to limit your family’s exposure so you all can truly breathe easier.

Black mold tends to love growing in your shower exposing you to sometimes irreversible effects. Things you might not have known that also love to grow in your shower are Trichophyton rubrum and T. mentagrophytes, also known as athletes foot, if you think that’s the worst it's not even close, the other major culprit is MRSA (methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus).

This can lead to serious health complications like abscesses in the skin that may require treatment with antibiotics or surgical drainage. Have you ever seen Dr. Pimple Popper? Disgusting right?

At M.A.D. Cleaning services we like to utilize natural cleaners such as vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda first because we know using harsher chemicals can have the opposite effect you may want.

Since every time you turn on the shower and the water vapors start to build from the heat it can rejuvenate those harsh chemical smells and cause you to inhale them. If the above methods are not powerful enough to mitigate them, we utilize a medical grade disinfectant that is low fragranced to prevent inhalation of harsh smells. We also use bleach and scrubbing bubbles when needed to mitigate these types of mold and bacteria. So when you take a shower you are cleaner than when you got in. So you can have that rejuvenating feeling a shower is supposed to give you.

Cleaning your kitchen in the same fashion to rid your stovetop of stuck on foods and returning your sink and countertops to the shine you miss.

We are known as the best home cleaning service in Central Florida for a reason.

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The Final Summary

Recapping the things we can do for you: eliminating a large percentage of indoor allergens all-around your home, vacuuming your floors, and mopping them with disinfectants when applicable, cleaning your bathrooms and kitchens, to reduce mold and bacteria that cause serious skin and foodborne illnesses, as well as providing a more organized and efficient home environment so you can truly sit back and relax.

Knowing all of these are taken care of for you click below to get your service booked today!

A cleaning experience everyone is talking about.

Countless of happy clients are glad they chose our services.

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Get your HOME back to the way you want!



Mike Kelley is the co-founder of M.A.D. Cleaning Services. When he's not serving his clients, he loves spending time with his wife, son, and dog Luna. He also loves to spend time in nature.